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The cut of your smile by G8ORSRULE
The cut of your smile
A maskless 'masked alien creature'

showing off another style of face based on those masquerade mardi gras type of masks.

no reference was used
King of the Mirror Realm by G8ORSRULE
King of the Mirror Realm
Thought I'd show a nicer side of Dark Angel.......but is it really his nicer side?

no reference was used
character is my own creation "Dark Angel" from my story Darkshade

Name: Dark Angel

Born: October 30th, 1981

Height: 6' 4” (8' including tallest part of wings)

Width of Wings: 27' fully opened

Weight: 118lbs

Species: 100% demon (or so he says)

Father: Riker Angel

Mother: -------

Arch enemy: Ian Darkshade

Lover: ------no one

Weapon: A large scythe skilfully crafted to have several serrated edges

Personality: Sinister maniac psychopath that cares for no one human or demon

Special Abilities: Flight, Demon regeneration, can touch other beings and quickly drain their life

Original Concept Ideas for Dark Angel: This character originally didn't have a name or that good of an occupation until years later. He was designed to be a sort of shy lonely person who didn't fit in. He has large black wings but is rarely seen in flight until years later. His outfit is a mixture of a lot of different people who are musicians: Flair pants- Jimmy Page, Wrist tattoo- Shannon Hoon, (later) tattoos on joints of both arms- Marilyn Manson and (later) the two different colored eyes- Marilyn Manson. The hair, face make up, belts, and white skin were purely my ideas. All of the (later's) above are referring to when I decided to change him a lot when he appeared in my story Darkshade. He has large black scraggly wings which are my creation. His hair is fluffy and looks like Knuckles the Echidna if he were a human. He lost the loneliness and gained the hatred for everything. He hates women but he loves angels. His sarcasm makes you not trust him in the story. Within his head he does have a soft side but hardly ever lets it out. (But sometimes he does on accident.) He is banished within this realm of evil people (the demons) that all sort of look like him. The native women of that realm aren't born with wings. (Thats why he likes angels- women who have wings.) He has a pretty hardcore background story. When he was a teenager he had a crush on this girl. His father was divorced so he didn't respect women at all. Since living with that all of his life he really wanted a girlfriend. The one girl who liked him that he liked in return was lost because Dark Angel's father killed her. He had no respect for his father after that. Down inside he still admired his fathers evil side but absolutely hated him for killing his girlfriend.(Darks emotions are a evil version of his father but with his love/ abuse towards women new addition.) So as Dark Angel grew up he started to pick up on his fathers malicious acts. Later he found his next love (which he still was very abusive towards.) Tristessa which was in love with Ian Darkshade. She wanted nothing to do with Dark Angel. He also hates all humans even though he has no reason to. One of his father's ex- wives was a human so that fuels the fires hatred within Dark Angel. His overall behavior is taken from Onikage (Tenchu video game series) and from Ranzou (also from Tenchu.) Onikage loves death and shows no mercy toward anyone and Ranzou is a typical serial killer who only targets women. They both smooth talk their way into doing everything.

Brood by G8ORSRULE
I had to go back and draw 'ol Vincent again cause it's actually been a few years since I drew him last. I used reference from the play arts advent children action figure.

And as some of you may know I don't like the final fantasy games and I've never played any of them other than Dirge of Cerberus cause I looooove 3rd person shooters. I know a decent amount of Vincent's back story though.

Vincent Valentine created by Tetsuya Nomura
Anime Video games Japanese style
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My Deviantart gallery shows a little bit of every type of art that I produce. I am mostly a traditional artist mainly using pencils, graphite and vary rarely acrylic paint. Sometimes I draw digitally just to show off my photo-manipulation skills and to add more vibrant color to my art. Things I like to draw are anorexic goth dudes, punk rock guys and girls, dark angels, fantasy alien creatures humanoid and non-humanoid, Dragons Eastern & Western, Star Wars fan art, The Crow fan art, Marilyn Manson fan art, cosplay photography, cats photography and many more! Needless to say most people don't like all the art I do so everything is sorted out in specific folders.

I draw what I want to not what I want other people to necessarily like, but if you do like my art then you are the lucky one!
So I haven't been posting art as much cause I haven't been drawing as much, and what I do draw only some of it is worthy enough to submit. I've been working a lot and possibly may be getting a second job in the future! Also I MOVED so a lot of time was obviously devoted to that getting all my things packed, moved, set up again but all in all never really fully unpacked ever. During all of this I made a new friend who is now my own personal drawing reference model :D. Which I've been looking for someone in real life (not online) that fits that category for years now and I wasn't very optimistic about it. So most of my skinny guy artwork that reference was used is from photos of the new model. No I'm probably not going to post photos of him unless they are HEAVILY edited in photoshop. Speaking of photoshop weather i want to or not I've got to quit drawing digitally cause I no longer have a computer good enough to run the tablet or photoshop. Traditional art of mine is always better but i'll miss the epic colors and things i can't do very well traditionally. I can still do minor edits and watermark my art though. Also I started working on a (for now) prototype cosplay of Blair from Soul Eater so there will be pictures of that soon once I get the good ones from the photographer.

Thanks for reading
    your art buddy
                    -Brit aka :icong8orsrule:
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